Exhibition Training & Consultancy

Successful at exhibitions in 3 steps - every minute is precious


1. Strategic preparation (workshop for target setting and exhibition claim)

In a half day workshop the desired goals with all relevant participants are defined. Based on the defined goals, all further activities regarding trade show appearance and means of communication are coordinated and tailored to your expectations. This includes the layout of the booth design, the fair report and the training for all booth members.  Also the selection of giveaways,  typ of special events at the exhibition, the customer invitations and public relation measures are defined. Who will be appointed for the booth staff and which requirements need to be met? 


2. Target-oriented exhibition training (communication training for them trade show team)

Various roles for the booth staff are defined. Individual personalities of the team members are considered after evaluation of a hands-on video training. Apart from the attitude and motivation of the booth staff, interacting with fair visitors and managing the fair discussions are central contents of the training. The participants receive a professional approach for various situations during the trade show. How is the opening of the discussion, how is the body language before and during the interaction and what is the most efficient method of reaching the goal of the conversation? Exercising a professional hand over as well as exiting an “unpleasant” fair discussion are practiced and video feedback is given. 


3. Exhibition Coaching (active support for the booth staff at the fair)

The exhibition coaching takes place during the fair directly on the booth. The main focus is to ensure that the practiced skills in the training are implemented in an appropriate and effective manner.  All members of the team receive feedback in form of a brief analysis after having interaction with fair visitors. If required, the individual participants receive suggestions and personal support for further interaction with the visitors. “Walk the talk” is an additional major element of the exhibition coaching. Visitors passing by in the aisle are proactively addressed and are lead directly  to the appropriate responsible point of contact on the booth.  Motivation and fun during booth duty is reflected by the coach seen as a live example of a role model.  

Which difference can you expect from SALESTALK

It is certainly not all about generating a large number of reports or collecting stacks of business cards during the exhibition.


All activities are linked to achieve the defined goals for existing customers and measures to win and convince new customers. This is only possible if all 3 steps are coordinated and accomplished as a team. You can benefit from the experience of more than 100 trade show appearances with a professional communication coach. Invest in the most important success factor at the fair: Your booth staff.